Featured in InStyle Weddings


We are so excited to see one of our favorite bouquets handpicked as one of the top nine bridal bouquets by Carats and Cake and InStyle Weddings! Check out the full feature here!


  1. Very pretty flowers! Good to know about this information. I am looking for local Florist Delivery for my wedding to decorate our venue with awesome flowers. Hope to find an affordable and professional one quickly.

  2. This is undoubtedly the most special event venue in the city. We had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. At wedding venues los angeles I could not stop eating.

  3. My go to Flower Delivery team for everything. Was a line during the cold valentine’s day weekend (got my flowers) but it's to be expected. They work hard and diligently through it all.